Fascists Out of Leeds, 05/03/16: An Update

Leeds Anti-Fascist Network is mobilising this Sunday to oppose the presence of neo-Nazi activists at a makeshift ‘Vote Leave’ stall – that the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign itself has expressly disowned. We are not taking a position on the EU referendum – we are taking to the streets to make it clear that Leeds does not want fascists campaigning in our city.

5 June 2016 - Vote Leave Stall Leaflet

Join us! Be ready to travel to central Leeds for 10:30 on the morning – our contact number 07721861632 will be live on the morning to get the exact assembly point; alternatively, get in touch with us at leedsantifascistnetwork@riseup.net in the meantime. We may be required to move around quickly at short notice so we advise wearing practical clothing and footwear – the weather looks like it will be cloudy but warm. Stay alert and travel with friends. See you on the streets!

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[UPDATED] EMERGENCY CALL-OUT: Fascists Out of Leeds 05/06/16


Neo-Nazi activists have been sighted in Leeds City Centre, holding stalls under the guise of the “Vote Leave” anti-EU campaign. Those involved include ex-BNP front-man Mark Collett, his swastika-tattooed partner Eva Van Housen, and various members of the neo-nazi youth group National Action. They have publicly promised to “continue to hold Vote Leave stalls and leaflet up until the referendum” despite orders from the official Vote Leave campaign to stop doing so.

Leeds Anti-Fascist Network will be taking to the streets to show these people they’re not welcome in our city. We want you to join us. Keep your eyes peeled for details to come, but be ready to travel to central Leeds for 10:30 am this coming Sunday, the 5th of June. A contact number will follow, or get in touch at leedsantifascistnetwork@riseup.net in the meantime. From the Pennines to the sea, Yorkshire will be fascist free!


Far Right activists holding a stall in Leeds City Centre. From left to right: Jack Coulsen (National Action), Mark Collett (formerly BNP), Eva Van Housen, Wayne Bell (National Action) and Ian Roper (formerly BNP).

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LAFN Benefit Gig – Grotbaby/Radio Partisan/Syslak

Join us at Bad Apples in Leeds this Saturday for a night of local pop punk bands to raise funds for Leeds Anti-Fascist Network! Coming 26th of March, doors from  8 pm.


Leeds based, slightly 60’s influenced bratty punk band, pajama party!

Razor sharp post punk!

Slacker Pop, Fuzz, Punk.

As always there will be a raffle, goodies stall, and glitter.

£3 quid employed
£1 unemployed
No-one turned away due to lack of funds

All proceeds go to fighting fascism

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No Nazis in Dover / Solidarity with refugees – 30 January 2016

We reproduce a call out from London AFN to oppose the far-right demonstration in Dover this January. Contact leedsantifascistnetwork@riseup.net if you want help with travel to London/Dover for the demonstration:

Read call out below:

On Saturday 30 January neo-Nazis and violent racists from across the UK will head to the coastal town of Dover for an anti-refugee protest. Far-right groups are trying to exploit the “migrant crisis” to whip up racial hatred and bring about ever-harsher controls on those coming to the UK.

Across Europe the far-right have been organising against refugees and encouraging governments to increase their hostility to migrants. While governments close borders with fences and batons to keep those in need out, fascists fire bomb refugee housing. In the UK fascists have tried to organise their own patrols of trucks entering the country, looking for migrants.

This will be the fourth far-right protest to take place in Dover in the last two years. In September an anti-refugee protest in Dover saw more than 200 neo-Nazis rampage through the town calling for the border to be closed. They tried to attack anti-fascists, throwing bricks into crowds including pregnant women and elderly people. Anti-fascists were more than capable of defending ourselves, but the demo served as a reminder to take seriously the threat of fascist violence.

During this time, immediately across the channel, migrants living miserably in ‘the Jungle’ have to endure sadistic attacks from fascist and the police on a regular basis. As usual, the nationalist far-right took advantage of a series of extremely saddening events to spread its xenophobic venom among people and to scare an economically shaken French working class, viciously achieving historic gains in December’s regional elections.

We are calling on anti-fascists from across Europe to join us in organising mass opposition to the anti-refugee protest on Saturday 30 January, to show solidarity with migrants and prevent an escalation of racist violence.

This mobilisation is part of the global struggle between those who wish to see the murderous divisions of nations, borders, and class further entrenched and fortified with razor wire and racist rhetoric – and those who fight for freedom of movement and solidarity among the exploited, oppressed and excluded of the world.

We will be standing with Kent Anti-Racist Network and a growing list of trade union and community organisations to show working class resistance to the neo-Nazis. A victory in Dover on Saturday 30 January will be a victory for the range of movements involved in this fight back.

Organise, make plans, spread the word and see you on the streets!

London Anti-Fascists / Anti-Fascist Network


London Anti-fascists are organising coaches from London to Dover.

For more details email ldnantifascists@riseup.net with SUBJECT LINE: “Coaches2Dover”.

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Leeds Resistance Training


Leeds Anti-Fascist Network hosts a weekly self-defence and fitness class, open to all genders, body types, and abilities (no bigots). This course is to increase your confidence and ability to protect yourself in a variety of situations and under pressure. We would particularly like to welcome those disproportionately at risk of violence, such as people from organisations that practice a diversity of tactics, and those resisting oppressions that often come with the threat of violence.

Contact leedsantifascistnetwork@riseup.net or message this page for details of the dates, times and locations of classes.

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Fascists Humiliated in York

Statement from antifascist comrades on their successful counter-demo in York yesterday:

“Today, Saturday 28th Nov, fascists were humiliated in York by strong opposition from across the Left, with our local antifascist activists fulfilling a key role. Antifascists occupied the planned site of the fascist protest, at the Railway Worker’s War Memorial, and were swiftly joined by other groups. Despite police interference attempting to disrupt our actions and clear the site for fascist use, we stood firm and held the memorial for the whole afternoon. Despite boasting a supposed 3,000 supporters online, the fascists were barely able to muster a dozen bodies and were quickly thinned by the light rain. This ragged band of racists were handily outnumbered by our strong counter-demo, which saw them matched 5:1. Spirits in the antifascist camp were kept high with chants of “there are many, many, more of us than you” and “get those nazis in the sea”, as the rising frustration amongst the fascists left them demoralised and ultimately leaving with their heads hung low and their tails between their legs. Once again we have shown that fascism will be opposed wherever it rears its ugly head. In the midst of the refugee crisis and with recent atrocities across the world, it is more important than ever that we take to the streets to confront those who seek to divide the working classes in our universal struggle against the oppressive systems we toil under.”

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Upcoming UK events in solidarity with Calais migrants

Latest update of UK events in solidarity with Calais migrants from the Rabble website. Visit here.

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