Leeds Anti-fascist Network is an independent group of activists from across the left for a militant, working class anti-fascism and anti-racism.

With a recent resurgence of the far-right and a feeling that the tactics of UAF aren’t effective, activists in Leeds have felt that something needs to change with the way we do anti-fascism and have committed to a critical look at how we can work together resisting fascism on the streets and in our communities. We are made up of members of groups from different parts of the left as well as non-alligned individuals and are committed to remaining independent of any political party or organisation. We believe that the way to counter fascism isn’t through liberalism but through grass-roots organising and resistance amongst the working class.


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  1. Hi there

    I think you are doing a great work and I just wanted to make you guys aware of what we are doing… something similar albeit on a bigger scale. We are ultimately fighting the concentration of power at the behest of the corporate elite. Have a look at voteaboveandbeyond.org and I am sure we can help each other out

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