Leeds AFN Supports the RMT picketers and opposes the far-right “yellow vests”

RMT Picket, Leeds Train Station, 09:00am – bring a scarf, it will be cold!

Attacks on the Left, the Labour Movement, minorities and alternative spaces are part of the DNA of fascism and that is nothing new.

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 16.18.26Last week, members of Britain First and EDL, attending UK far-right’s supposed ‘yellow vest’ movement in Manchester racially abused, harassed and attempted to intimidate pickets from the RMT Union. This follows last year’s attack on a number of RMT activists and officials.

While the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ in France is a radical mass social movement fighting for improvements in people’s living standards, the Manchester ‘yellow vest’ protest was just 50 of the same old fascist dregs in the UK. Rather than challenge the rich and powerful, the boot boys for the capitalist class, the far-right seek to attack working class organizations and spread their politics of fear and bigotry, as shown by their actions on that day.


In face of these threats there is a solidarity mobilisation supporting the RMT in their ongoing strike at Leeds Train Station on Saturday 19th January from 9am.

RMT Pickets will be from 8-11 around the entrances to the Station and we encourage you to join us in support for RMT’s ongoing strike action in Leeds.

Leeds Anti-Fascist Network is also calling on all anti-fascists to oppose the ‘Yellow Vest’ protest in Leeds scheduled for 12 noon in Leeds City Centre on the same day.

If the Left does not challenge the right, that can only mean that they grow in confidence and that has serious potential of real physical harm. We need your support – come by if you can and please share this call to action!

Please follow our updates during the day with the hashtag #lafndayout, share the Facebook event, like and share our page – and stay safe!

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