Call-out: Oppose the EDL in Keighley and Bradford, Saturday 2nd September

On Saturday the 2nd of September, the remaining dregs of the English Defense League plan to descend on West Yorkshire, to march in Keighley and Bradford. In keeping with their usual tactics, as grief-vultures of the highest order, they will try to leverage high-profile grooming scandals and terrorist atrocities as a way to foment racial and religious hatred, and drive a wedge through our communities.

We’re not having it.

Perhaps the most astonishing thing about the demonstrative outrage the EDL employs in spreading its divisive message is that the EDL itself, and indeed much of the far-right, has a rich history of harbouring nonces and rapists. White ones, of course.

Tommy Robinson stood by Richard Price when he was convicted of posessing child pornography. Retford EDL plankton Luke Atkinson, recently collared for grooming girls as young as 13, is on a four-year course of her majesty’s porridge. Alan Boulter, would-be Infidel, EDL footsoldier, and templar knight(!) travelled to pay a 13-year-old girl for sex only to be confronted by anti-child exploitation activists when he turned up, cash in hand. Ryan ‘Johno’ Johnson, another EDL paedo put behind bars. Terry Maughan raped a 17-year-old at a party. Dale Hewitt. Kristopher Allan. Michael Roles. Paul O’Brien. James Swindlehurst. Michael Kinnear. You’ve got Google, right?

The EDL’s ilk in National Action, who also made a big deal of going on ‘paedophile hunts’, numbered among their ranks one Ryan Flemming, now behind bars for sexual activity with a child. As was remarked at the time, presumably the ‘hunt’ consisted of looking at their own friends lists?

The point is, not only are the far-right disingenuous in their exploitation of the justified public disgust at paedophiles and their abuses – they figure in alarmingly high numbers among their organisers and supporters.

And EDL H.Q. is oddly quiet on these convictions. No marches, no righteous ire raised over Saville or Heath. I know why. You know why. They know why.

And that’s why the EDL must not go unopposed.

Show the #PaeDL the door on the 2nd of September. Leeds AFN will be streets to oppose the EDL’s cynical explotation of the abused to further their own racist and islamophobic agenda. To get involved, contact us at, or via our Facebook page.

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