Leeds Resistance Training at Physical Resistance in Brighton

Last weekend members of LAFN and others from Leeds Resistance Training – a local antifascist self protection and boxing club – travelled to Brighton for Physical Resistance – an antifascist martial arts festival hosted by Brighton Antifascists.

It was a grand weekend with gorgeous weather down in Brighton. The atmosphere was comradely and welcoming, with fighters from Leeds and Brighton joined by folks from SolStar Sports Association in London along with other “fight clubs” and antifascist martial arts associations from across the South. Although LRT was the only club from the North able to attend we gave a good account of ourselves during the boxing, with seven fighters from Leeds taking part in eight seperate bouts. This was followed by an excellent seminar on combat sports, applying MMA and “cage fighting” techniques to self defence on the streets.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the antifascist martial arts scene in Leeds, just search Leeds Resistance Training on Facebook, or email leedsantifascistnetwork@riseup.net 

Leeds Resistance Training and supporters pose for a photo before sparring

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