Public Meeting Outcome

Last week we hosted a film showing and discussion on combatting racism and xenophobia in the wake of the recent EU referendum, which has already seen a surge in racist attacks and harassment across the UK. The event saw campaigners from various backgrounds come together to discuss the way forward, how to respond collectively to racism on our streets, the legal rights we have when taking action to protect ourselves and others.

The main part of the discussion focussed on practical ways we can help each other in the face of the current rise in racist violence and harassment. We discussed our planned sticker campaign encouraging people to stand up to racist attacks and intervene when possible to protect themselves and others. With the help of several volunteers who came forwards at the meeting we hope to produce materials in several languages detailing peoples legal rights and suggesting different ways of taking action. We also discussed setting up a “chat tree” via WhatsApp to alert each other to racist attacks in different areas of Leeds, and mobilise anti-racists to confront them and offer solidarity.

We will be holding more public events in the weeks to come. For more information, like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and WordPress. No Pasaran!


About jolasmo

Anarchist-communist, antifascist and general layabout. Hobbies include video games, drinking heavily and cross dressing.
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1 Response to Public Meeting Outcome

  1. JForward says:

    Thanks for hosting, Bradford (and I’m sure other areas too) really appreciate the leadership and thoughtfulness with which you are approaching the last months.

    on solidarity


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