Leeds Remains Fash-Free!

It’s been a glorious day in Leeds without a cloud – or fascist – in sight. Despite protestations over social media that they would continue running unofficial Vote Leave stalls up until the referendum, Mark Collett and his band of merry BNP/National Action racists caved in the face of opposition and were a total no-show, taking their hate elsewhere (and to wherever that ‘elsewhere’ is, our very deepest sympathies!) Having doubts guys?

Brigate 2016.06.05 - Cropped, CensoredNo fascist faces in our spaces! Leeds Anti-Fascist Network occupying the Nazis’ would-be pitch.

And so it was that we watched and waited, basking in the sun, chatting to people and in one instance, an old lady helping us remove neo-Nazi stickers from the precinct with her knitting needle: they haven’t forgotten what hatred can do. (Incidentally, for more on National Action’s not-so-successful sticker campaign – which presumably we don’t know the half of, since the general public have usually ripped them down by the time we see them – check our Facebook later.)

All in all, another day proving that ordinary people have no truck with fascists, and that racism is not, was not, and never will be, welcome in Leeds – but only through decisive working-class action will we see it removed from our streets. To get involved, please e-mail us at leedsantifascistnetwork@riseup.net.

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