[UPDATED] EMERGENCY CALL-OUT: Fascists Out of Leeds 05/06/16


Neo-Nazi activists have been sighted in Leeds City Centre, holding stalls under the guise of the “Vote Leave” anti-EU campaign. Those involved include ex-BNP front-man Mark Collett, his swastika-tattooed partner Eva Van Housen, and various members of the neo-nazi youth group National Action. They have publicly promised to “continue to hold Vote Leave stalls and leaflet up until the referendum” despite orders from the official Vote Leave campaign to stop doing so.

Leeds Anti-Fascist Network will be taking to the streets to show these people they’re not welcome in our city. We want you to join us. Keep your eyes peeled for details to come, but be ready to travel to central Leeds for 10:30 am this coming Sunday, the 5th of June. A contact number will follow, or get in touch at leedsantifascistnetwork@riseup.net in the meantime. From the Pennines to the sea, Yorkshire will be fascist free!


Far Right activists holding a stall in Leeds City Centre. From left to right: Jack Coulsen (National Action), Mark Collett (formerly BNP), Eva Van Housen, Wayne Bell (National Action) and Ian Roper (formerly BNP).

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Anarchist-communist, antifascist and general layabout. Hobbies include video games, drinking heavily and cross dressing.
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