Fascists Humiliated in York

Statement from antifascist comrades on their successful counter-demo in York yesterday:

“Today, Saturday 28th Nov, fascists were humiliated in York by strong opposition from across the Left, with our local antifascist activists fulfilling a key role. Antifascists occupied the planned site of the fascist protest, at the Railway Worker’s War Memorial, and were swiftly joined by other groups. Despite police interference attempting to disrupt our actions and clear the site for fascist use, we stood firm and held the memorial for the whole afternoon. Despite boasting a supposed 3,000 supporters online, the fascists were barely able to muster a dozen bodies and were quickly thinned by the light rain. This ragged band of racists were handily outnumbered by our strong counter-demo, which saw them matched 5:1. Spirits in the antifascist camp were kept high with chants of “there are many, many, more of us than you” and “get those nazis in the sea”, as the rising frustration amongst the fascists left them demoralised and ultimately leaving with their heads hung low and their tails between their legs. Once again we have shown that fascism will be opposed wherever it rears its ugly head. In the midst of the refugee crisis and with recent atrocities across the world, it is more important than ever that we take to the streets to confront those who seek to divide the working classes in our universal struggle against the oppressive systems we toil under.”


About jolasmo

Anarchist-communist, antifascist and general layabout. Hobbies include video games, drinking heavily and cross dressing.
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