Demonstrators Attacked by Fascist Thugs in Malmo, Sweden: Statement of Solidarity

Following protests marking International Women’s Day earlier this month, members of the far right ‘Swedes Party’ carried out a number of attacks in the city of Malmo. Wielding knives, the fascists targeted feminist demonstrators making their way home from a night-time demonstration against violence against women. The victims suffered knife wounds, with one man ending up in intensive care with serious head injuries (his condition is now improving). The attacks form part of a pattern of escalating fascist violence in Malmo and Sweden more generally, with attacks on left wing clubs, demonstrations, and activists provoking only a tepid response from the police and security forces.

We stand in solidarity with all victims of fascist brutality, in Malmo and around the world. Wherever the far right is allowed to carry out attempted assassinations of left wingers, unionists, women, people of colour, or other groups targeted by fascists as enemies of the chosen nation or race, we must oppose them with collective solidarity and self defence. Only by doing this can we hope to live in a world where no one has to live in fear of fascist violence.


About jolasmo

Anarchist-communist, antifascist and general layabout. Hobbies include video games, drinking heavily and cross dressing.
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